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Interior Design Service on the Gold Coast

If you are looking to undertake any interior design or landscape projects on the Gold Coast for your home or business  then we will be pleased to meet with you and show you our work.

We deal with the design and supervision of the entire project from the inception to completion of the project.

Detailing our design projects step by step and what you can expect

Meetings with the client, where we discuss all the needs associated with the interior.

The technical specifications of the property are based upon the documentation which is received from the client.

Preparing the functional plan of the property in several versions. This is the stage in which we are trying to meet all the client’s requirements regarding functionality. The architect draws up a dozen or so inspirational ideas regarding the space arrangement until a perfect solution is created, which is accepted by the client.

Presentation of project inspirations and creating the conceptual ideas. At this time, the visualisations are shown in detail to our client. After the client accepts the interior design, we move to the next stage of technical drawings.

Preparation of technical documentation for the interiors are provided at the scale required. 

The documentation will include:

  • technical specifications
  • demolition plans
  • plans of new walls
  • plans of arrangement of all rooms
  • views and sections of all walls in all of the rooms
  • electrical drawings
  • design of luminaries and all electrical equipment
  • hydraulic designs
  • floor plans
  • plan of suspended ceilings if applicable
  • details of furniture and any ancillary equipment elements

The documentation is transferred to the client in the form of a book in A4 form and electronically. 

The schedule of finishing works – this is a stage, where the deadlines of all works to be undertaken are agreed, along with estimations for the delivery timelines of materials and more. It is an essential part of the project, which allows us to keep deadlines.

The creation of catalogue cards allows us to detail all equipment elements without exception, starting from the light switch, and ending with the couch. The catalogue cards will contain the description of each element and information about the manufacturer plus other relevant information as required.

The project estimate is a compilation of not only the elements, but also includes the finishing and renovation works in detail. With this estimation, the client is able to plan the financing of the project in time with complete awareness of all costs.

This where we start the construction and renovation works and it is the last stage of our delivery where we can optionally manage the build out team until final sign off.  Alternatively, the architect can oversee the post-completion supervision within the whole construction period until the final stage of commissioning the interior for use. 

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